In order to maximize the genetic potential of livestock, to obtain the predicted result, it is necessary to ensure full feeding and comply with all technological requirements. Technology is the basis of production and your area of responsibility. It is from the conditions created by the breeder that the efficiency of feed and the selection potential of the animal depend. And the knowledge base from GRANULA GOLD will help you to pump this area.

The technology of raising farm animals is clearly regulated:

  • indoor microclimate conditions (temperature, humidity, lighting);
  • requirements for the density of planting (placement) of animals or poultry;
  • recommendations for the size of the premises, wall material, ceiling, floor, drinkers, feeders.

Technological requirements are specific to each animal species, age and physiological condition (eg different machines for pregnant and lactating sows).

Articles on animal husbandry technology for the Granula Gold knowledge base were prepared by technologists, veterinarians and feeding specialists. Following the recommendations of experts with many years of experience and using quality feed, your farm animals will enjoy gains, and production – profits.