Overheating (hyperthermia) occurs due to:

  • problems with ventilation (poor air flow or complete lack of ventilation):
  • high ambient temperature;
  • violation of premises design standards;
  • violation of the conditions of transportation of animals;
  • excessive accumulation of animals in the pen or room (violation of the keeping rules ).

All the reasons, except for the high temperature of the environment, can be really prevented by properly organizing the technology of keeping animals.

Hypothermia (hypothermia) occurs due to:

  • high humidity in the room;
  • the presence of drafts;
  • wetting of down, feathers, bristles, wool;
  • grazing birds or animals by dew;
  • negative outdoor temperatures.

It is easier to prevent all the causes of hypothermia by installing a brooder in the room, a warm floor in pens with young animals, eliminating excess humidity.