PMVS is a special feed concentrate consisting of P-protein components, M-mineral components and V-vitamins in the form of S-supplements.

The purpose of PMVS: to balance the diet of farm animals and poultry taking into account the direction of productivity, age and physiological characteristics of livestock.

The main emphasis in the PMVS is given to the protein component. This is a protein of plant origin (soy or sunflower products), animal origin (whey powder, skimmed milk powder). In addition, essential amino acids (lysine, methionine, tryptophan, threonine, cystine) are introduced.

The source of vitamins in PMVS are vitamin complexes, minerals – salt, chalk, monocalcium phosphate, complexes containing iron, selenium, iodine, zinc, cobalt and others.

Although PMVS contains all the necessary for growth and development substances, feeding only this concentrate is dangerous and economically unprofitable. The supplement is added to the ground grains according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Depending on the species of animals, age, physiological period and technological stage of cultivation, the content of PMVS in the diet varies from 5 to 30%.