Indoor temperature is a factor that along with feeding affects productivity and health. The technology of raising live-stock or poultry provides strictly regulated temperature regimes for each sex and age group. Violation of them causes either overheating (hyperemia) or hypothermia.

How to determine the overheating of animals? Symptoms: redness of the skin and mucous membranes, frequent shallow breathing, protruding tongue, lethargy, lowered wings of the bird, apathy to food, decreased growth.

Systematic overheating of animals leads to:

  • a sharp drop in milk yield and gains;
  • weakness, apathy;
  • excessive feed consumption;
  • death of animals.

The hypothermia of animals has a similar effect, increasing feed consumption, reducing the profitability of production and increasing mortality. Therefore, it is important to create comfortable, safe conditions. We will specify the exact conditions further in the next article from the section “Technology” of GRANULA GOLD “Knowledge Base”.