Choosing ready-made feed solutions from GRANULA GOLD, you buy products manufactured at domestic plants: Lokhvytsya feed mill, Letychiv combine.

feed mill and ArgoCom (Novomoskovsk feed mill), Dykansky feed mill, NOVACORE premix plant).

The company has been in the market of feed for farm animals for over 27 years. Enormous experience, modern equipment, quality raw materials and constant monitoring of evaluation – these are the moments that make GRANULA GOLD products a real golden advantage.

We guarantee the quality of ready-made feed solutions GRANULA GOLD, because:

  • we produce compound feeds at our own certified facilities. HACCP certification with the principle of traceability allows our customers to be confident in the product. Therefore, all production facilities where compound feed and BMVD GRANULA GOLD are manufactured are certified according to ISO 22000: 2018 (compound feed plants) and FSSC 22000 (NOVACORE premix plant);
  • we have experience (27 years) in the field of feeding farm animals. Therefore, we promptly respond to changes in the livestock market, monitor the awning
    in the field of physiology. We do not stop there, we always strive for excellence and leadership;
  • round-the-clock control of input and output raw materials allows to make high-quality and safe compound feeds, PMVS;
  • innovation. We make forages on modern Buhler, VanAarsen, BDW, Rosal;
  • our recipes take into account the wiki physiology of animals, reveal the genetic potential of the genotype. The specialized department of RnD technologists together with the Dutch feeding center Schothorst Feed Research find options for the best combination of feed components to reveal the genetic potential, achieve maximum productivity and cost-effectiveness;
  • easy ordering and well-established logistics. All applications are processed within the next business day.

GRANULA GOLD feeds are the golden advantage of efficiency at the distance of a phone call or click.