Lohmann White is a laying breed that is widespread on all continents and countries.

History: The homeland of Lohmann White chickens is Germany. The breed was bred in the 70s of the XX century. When breeding the breeders relied on high egg laying productivity and peaceful temperament. The breeders succeed in that. Even large flocks of Lohmann White chickens do not cause problems when kept in the household.

Advantages of genotype:

  • high productivity;
  • economic feed consumption;
  • large eggs;
  • earliness (start of egg laying from 4 months of age);
  • tolerate heat and cold due to the thick plumage;
  • ability to lay eggs all year round and even during molting;
  • quiet balanced character;
  • high survival rate;
  • unpretentiousness at the keeping.

Exterior: White bird. Small birds that reach a maximum weight of 1.5 kg (laying hens) and 2 kg (roosters). Their body if of trapezoidal shape just like the body of all laying hens. Their body is compact, may be said athletic, in the form of a trapeze. They have long strong featherless yellow paws. Chest and abdomen are not very pronounced. The wings are short. The crest is large, red and straight, but the crest, which lies on its side, is not a defect of the breed.

Features of keeping: Lohmann White demonstrates a high level of egg laying productivity. To ensure that the hens perform at a high level of egg production, provide the breeding stock with enough roosts. But there is a downside to Lohman White. The livestock has poor maternal qualities. Lohman White are feckless a brood hens. Therefore, to update the flock you need to regularly buy young animals or put an incubator on the farm.