Large white breed of geese is a classic of domestic poultry. Even modern high-yielding hybrids have not displaced the genotype from subsistence farming. The poultry conquers with its endurance and good hatchability. These birds are the only white geese in Ukraine that have a high genetic predisposition to fattening for fatty liver, the average weight of which is 340 g when fattening goslings from 80 days of age,

History: in the 80’s a large white breed of geese was bred modeling on local geese on the basis of domestic breeding centers. Selection work was carried out to increase growth energy, high egg production, hatchability of young animals, reproductive abilities of geese.

Advantages of genotype:

  • genetic laying potential per year is 56-60 eggs;
  • egg weight equals to170 g;
  • live weight of goslings at 9 weeks of age reaches 4.2-4.5 kg;
  • hatching rate of 70-75%.
  • live weight of adult birds: males – 7.7 kg, females – 6.5 kg.

Exterior: The head is small, with a short orange-red beak. Neck of medium length, wide and deep torso; convex chest. The back of males and females is straight, long and wide. Small fat folds on the abdomen. Orange and red legs of medium length, widely spaced.

Features of keeping: geese are incredibly resistant to humidity and low temperatures. They walk calmly on the snow in frosty weather. The genotype is adapted to grazing, gaining weight well on green fodder. Small goslings need to be protected from drafts and significant temperature changes.