Hypor pig hybrids are one of the modern, most widespread genotypes of industrial meat-type pig farms.

History of creation: the selection center is the Canadian company DesignedGeneticsInc. They meet the demand for the lion’s share of Duroc pigs in America and Asia. Hypor’s genetics are present in almost all European countries (especially Germany, France and Spain), as well as in the United States, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, China, Japan, South Korea, Russia and Vietnam.

The main product of the company are parent hybrid pigs F1 -HyporLibra (with improved maternal qualities) and hybrids HyporMagnus, HyporKanto, HyporMaxter.

Hybrid pigs and F1 sows are used to produce fattening livestock. F1 offspring is characterized by a bacon type of performance.

Exterior features: animals with a strong physique, with a straight back. The length of the torso is much longer than the girth of the torso behind the shoulders. The ears are slightly lowered. The color of the animal depends on the parent breeds. It is white for HyporLibra, red with small pots for HyporMagnus, white with dark spots for HyporMaxter, red for HyporKanto.

Productivity benefits:

Hypor Magnus. Piglets are in good health, homogeneous in weight and have more weight at birth, which is an advantage from the beginning! HyporMagnus piglets are born with an average weight of 1.5 kg, with 96% of piglets weighing more than 1 kg. Along with high fertility, the advantages of the hybrid are homogeneity of the nest, strong immunity of young animals, low conversion.

Due to its unsurpassed adaptability, the hybrid will be successful in various types of pig farms, achieving greater weight with faster growth and lower feed conversion. And in the case of individual selection of breeding boars, this line will certainly meet your needs and exceed all expectations.

Hypor Maxter line

It has achieved great commercial success due to its exceptional quality of lean pork, high productivity and extraordinary growth rate. In commercial circles, the HyporMaxter hybrid is called the fastest growing breed.

With the young animals of such type you do not need to sacrifice the speed of growth and uniformity in the pursuit of high yields of lean pork. The HyporMaxter line produces fast-growing, productive and homogeneous pigs that meet the highest requirements for lean pork yields. Advantages: homogeneity, absence of the HAL stress gene.


Premium quality pork without premium production costs. The meat obtained from these hybrids is characterized by excellent marbling, moisture-retaining ability. Ideal for deliveries to the most demanding foreign markets, haute cuisine and the best retail chains.

Unpretentious, strong, long-lasting HyporKanto pigs conquer with their average daily gain, high percentage of lean meat output from the carcass.