Dan Bred is a modern Danish hybrid of meat-type pigs.

History: The Dan Bred breeding program consists of two maternal lines: Landrace and Yorkshire (Great White) and the parent line: Duroc’s terminal boar. Dan Bred is a Danish company that exports high-quality breeding stock and semen.
Worldwide, the production of Dan Avl genetics pigs (currently Dan Bred) reaches 65 million (35 million of them outside Denmark). The company exports breeding pigs to more than 40 countries – South America, North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. The largest importer is Germany. The company is developing very fast.

Peculiarities of the breed: the main advantage of Dan Bred genetics is large nests (multiplicity), although the rate of piglets before weaning is quite high. The Dan Bred hybrid is very popular as a parent sow in commercial livestocks.

Exterior: white animals. Elongated torso, light head with erect ears. Strong skeleton with a straight back. The sows have 14 teats.

Advantages of the hybrid:

  • high fertility (from 14 heads) with high yield of business piglets;
  • the average daily gain of animals at fattening reaches 900 g;
  • feed conversion of 2.9 kg;
  • low losses at slaughter;
  • high meat yield. Slaughter yield of 71%.