The process of creating a compound feed recipe is similar to both haute cuisine and the pharmaceutical industry. First, RD specialists analyze:

  • physiological and anatomical features of the animal species (for example, poly- or monogastric, peculiarities of digestion, movement of fodder masses in the digestive tract, etc.);
  • physiological condition of the animal (for example, a female of reproductive age may be preparing for insemination, be pregnant or lactating). And each of these conditions requires a specific level of feeding;
  • age of the animal. Admit it, there is a difference in the amount of nutrients for day-old chicks, monthly and laying hens of the first half of the productive period of one breed;
  • productivity type. To reveal the genetic potential of the broiler it is important to feed the bird a specialized diet. There is a similar situation with other animals;
  • business goals. To improve the level of profitability, increase the level of average daily gains and egg production we recommend to use ready-made feed solutions from GRANULA GOLD.

Edinstvo Group specialists together with the Dutch Nutrition Research Center Schothorst Feed Research study innovations in the field of feeding, create new recipes and test them on experimental farms. The finished recipe is to meet the physiological needs of the animal, a complete set of nutrients, biologically active components and feed supplements in the best ratio. Therefore, using compound feed or PVMS you get confidence in product quality, feeding efficiency and profitability of live-stock animals.