Genesus is a popular meat genotype of pigs.

History: Genesus is a leader in pig exports to countries where meat quality and taste are highly valued (Japan, Korea, China).

The main product of the company: F1 parent hybrid pigs (two-breed hybrid obtained by crossing Canadian Yorkshire Genesus and Canadian
Landrace Genesus), boars of terminal lines – Canadian Duroc Genesus
Genesus F1 Guinea Pig is capable of producing 4 tons of meat in live weight per year!

Exterior: white color, animals with elongated body, strong physique.

Advantages of the hybrid genotype:

  • high productivity of maternal and paternal lines;
  • high carcass yield;
  • low feed conversion;
  • high organoleptic characteristics of meat;
  • high weight of the nest on the 21st day of life, which allows you to use the sow more efficiently, to perform weaning earlier;
  • from 160 to 180 piglets output of piglets from one sow per year;
  • capable of feeding more piglets than teats;
  • quick coming in heat after weaning;
  • does not require high nutritional value of rations during pregnancy;
  • low cost of production.