Hybrid cross refers to medium broiler turkey crosses. In the selection of the genotype the emphasis was on the release of meat from the breast and the strength of immunity.

History: HybridGradeMaker was bred by HybridTurkeys. Breeders aimed to create a genotype for industrial breeding in poultry farms. The bird should not only be hardy, but also give an attractive carcass after slaughter.

Advantages of genotype:

  • high level of precocious meat. At 10-12 weeks of age, young turkeys reach about 5 kilograms;
  • low feed conversion;
  •  yield of young from hatching eggs – 97%;
  • excellent immune system protects the bird from many diseases.

Exterior: White and fluffy plumage. The chest is powerful and wide. By the age of about 4.5 months males reach about 18-20 kilograms of live weight. 4-month old turkey weighs about 10 kilograms. Male broiler turkeys of this cross grows up to 24 kg.

Features of the keeping: the cross is very sensitive to temperature changes and grows comfortably in warm conditions. For successful breeding of this cross it is necessary to adhere to the conditions of comfortable development of the bird. It is also important to note that these hybrids have bad character-they are constantly fighting with each other.

The main condition is a dry and warm climate.