Ross 308 is a popular cross of broilers. The fastest growing genotype is often called the broiler.

History: the genotype was bred by Aviagen (UK), which today owns all the rights to spread the cross in more than 100 countries. Meat breeds were used as parental forms. Therefore, the Ross 308 cross has a strongly pronounced meat type of productivity, where egg productivity and hatching quality are pushed to the second place.

Advantages of genotype:

  • early readiness to broilers slaughter. This is the only cross, which at the age of one month gains weight up to almost 3 kilograms;
  • stable productivity indicators;
  • active growth of birds;
  • light skin;
  • meat yield at slaughter 74%.

Exterior: The bird’s body is powerful. The back and chest are wide. The legs are well developed with a large volume of muscles, due to which they differ in strength. The color of the plumage is always white. The crest of bright red color is small in both males and females.

Features of keeping: The bird has a phlegmatic nature. Therefore, it fits in well at high poultry density. At floor maintenance young broilers are placed at the rate of up to 15 pieces on one square meter of a floor. The optimum temperature for chickens is 30-31 degrees. If the values ​​are lower, the energy value of the food will be used to compensate for the body’s heat loss, not to increase muscle mass. Too high temperature (more than 40 degrees) can lead to the death of both individuals and the whole flock.