The golden standard of the goose breed. The most characteristic feature of the breed is the blue color of the eyes.

History: the breed was bred in Denmark with an emphasis on precocity and large fatty liver.

Advantages of genotype:

  • large mass. Heavy birds, the average weight of a male goose reaches 8 kg, and female goose – 7 kg;
  • earliness. The gain weight of the young at 8-10 weeks of age is about 6 kg, and in a month it already weighs more than 7 kg.
  • high quality down. Up to 500 g can be taken from one bird per year;
  • liver weighing from 400 g with uniform layers of fat, tender texture.

Exterior: Male geese are heavier, more massive, with a square body, while the body shape of the female geese is elongated. Birds have a short and thick neck, which is located at an angle of 90 degrees to the body. There is a small fat fold on the abdomen. Beak and paws are bright, red-orange. At the tip of the beak, geese have a lighter, almost white teardrop-shaped spot.

Features of keeping: Legart Danish is suitable for floor, semi-outdoor technology of keeping birds. The character is phlegmatic, the bird is not conflicted and does not cause unnecessary trouble. However, there is a downside – female geese do not sit on eggs. So you need to think about the incubator.