The BovansGoldLine cross is one of the best breeds, which is best suited for breeding in the climatic conditions of Ukraine.

History: The founder of the Bovans cross was Harry van Duinhoven and his wife Nora. The Bovans Poultry Center was located at the Harry van Duinhoven Poultry Farm in Stevensbeck, the Netherlands. One “Bo” and three “Van” formed the name of the selection direction “Bovans” of the Dutch company “HPP” (“HendrixPoultryBreeders BV”). The breed was bred in the 60s of the XX century.

Advantages of genotype:

  • fertilization period of 18-76 weeks;
  • the phase of 50% of productivity is at 143 days of age;
  • medium weight of eggs is 63g;
  • number of eggs for 72 weeks of life is 332 pieces;
  • average feed consumption per day is114g;
  • live weight at 76 weeks of age is 2000g;
  • conversion of feed kg / kg of egg mass is 2.14.

Exterior: The body is rectangular, elongated anteriorly and posteriorly, narrow, and the chest is slightly raised in relation to the tail. The head is small and spherical. The crest is very pronounced, erect, reddish, of sawtooth shape. Th plumage is red or light red, white, black and dark brown spots are acceptable.

Features of keeping: іdeally adapts to cage or floor keeping in small and average farms. A bird with strong immunity, not picky about food. If you are looking for a bird that is very friendly and gets along well with children, lays delicious big eggs with brown shells, then these chickens should definitely be on your list.