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Starter compound feedGG ПК і 0к for turkeys 0 to 60 days of age

Granular complete starter feed for turkeys is recommended for use in the period from hatching to 60 days of age. The feed recipe includes gelatinized carbohydrates, bioavailable proteins, enzyme compositions, a set of biologically active substances necessary for the growth and development of turkeys. The feed composition satisfies the physiological needs of the young as much as possible, creating the foundation for strong immunity and high productivity.

The entire line of feed for turkeys is designed so that when moving from one feed to another, the bird does not receive stress and productivity does not fall.

Advantages of using starter compound feed GG ПК і 0к for turkeys 0 to 60 days of age:

  • effective prevention of post-incubation stress of the growing stock. Split complex carbohydrates and easily digestible protein are available feed that is easily digested even by one-day-old turkeys;
  • strong immunity due to bioactive substances, a complex of macro- and microelements;
  • prevention of coccidiosis. Introduced into the starting feed anticoccidial agent prevents the development of the disease, which is especially true in large livestocks.

Starter feed for turkeys is an ideal solution for the liveability of livestock in the most sensitive period, creating the foundation for future productivity of poultry.


Ingredients: wheat, corn, soybean derived products, sunflower derived products, limestone, monocalcium phosphate, vegetable oil, sodium chloride, amino acids, vitamin miner. premix (including multienzyme composition, phytase, choline chloride), anticoccidial agent, antioxidant.

Shelf life of the product in dry, clean, uninfected with grain storage pests, well-ventilated closed warehouses is 6 (six) months from the production date.

Products comply with TU U 15.7-30044094-001: 2010

Nutritional value (not less):
Metabolizable energyKKal2 850,00
Crude protein%27,00
Crude fat%5,00
Crude fiber%4,00
Total lysine%1,78
Total methionine%0,66
Methionine + Total cystine%1,15
Total tryptophan%0,25
Total threonine%1,00
Total phosphorus%0,85
Amount of vitamins and microelements (not less):
Vitamin АIU/kg13 125,00
Vitamin D3IU/kg5 250,00
Vitamin Еmg/kg105,00
Vitamin В1mg/kg4,20
Vitamin В2mg/kg10,50
Vitamin В4mg/kg420,00
Vitamin В6mg/kg6,30
Vitamin В12μg/kg31,50
Vitamin К3mg/kg4,73
Pantothenic acidmg/kg26,25
Nicotine acidmg/kg89,25
Folic acidmg/kg3,15
Vitamin Нμg/kg315


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