Compound feed for fattening rabbits (with increased fiber amount)

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Compound feedGG ПК з 91г for fattening rabbits older than 50 days (with increased fiber amount)

The use of granular complete feed is a modern way of effective feeding for profitable rabbit breeding. Granular form simplifies the feeding process, minimizes dust pollution in the premises, prevents the location of feed and selective eating of its components.

The advanced formula, fortified with a portion of grass meal, fully covers the needs of rabbits for biologically active substances and vitamins.

Advantages of using compound feed GG ПК з 91г for fattening rabbits older than 50 days (with increased fiber amount):

  • natural grass meal is an excellent prevention of bloating, constipation and indigestion;
  • enzyme composition increases digestibility, and hence the efficiency of granular concentrated feed;
  • feed components are selected in the optimal ratio. Only high-quality easily accessible ingredients are added to the compound feed, which are fully assimilated, help strengthen the immune system, gain weight, promote active growth and development of animals;
  • functional supplements strengthen the rabbits immunity.

Using granulated complete feeds with grass meal, you get a balanced diet for rabbits of all kinds of productivity, which maximizes the genetic potential of animals.


Ingredients: wheat, corn, barley, soybean derived products, sunflower derived products, molasses, grass flour, wheat bran, soybean shell, limestone, monocalcium phosphate, vegetable oil, sodium chloride, amino acids, vitamin miner. premix (including multienzyme composition, phytase, choline chloride), anticoccidial agent, antioxidant.

Shelf life of the product in dry, clean, uninfected with grain storage pests, well-ventilated closed warehouses is 6 (six) months from the production date.

Products comply with TU U 15.7-30044094-001: 2010

Nutritional value (not less):
Metabolizable energyKKal2 250,00
Crude protein%16,00
Crude fat%4,00
Crude fiber%19,00
Total lysine%0,70
Total methionine%0,36
Methionine + Total cystine%0,60
Total tryptophan%0,22
Total threonine%0,60
Total phosphorus%0,55
Amount of vitamins and microelements (not less):
Vitamin АIU/kg10 000,00
Vitamin Д3IU/kg1 000,00
Vitamin Еmg/kg50,00
Vitamin В1mg/kg1,50
Vitamin В2mg/kg4,50
Vitamin В4mg/kg500,00
Vitamin В6mg/kg2,50
Vitamin В12μg/kg25,00
Vitamin К3mg/kg1,50
Pantothenic acidmg/kg12,00
Nicotine acidmg/kg40,00
Folic acidmg/kg0,35
Vitamin Нμg/kg150



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