Compound feed for laying quails with productivity below 80%

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Compound feed GG ПК п 53к for laying quails

The feed formula provides the perfect balance of nutrients, vitamins, macro- and micro-elements that support the health and productivity of the poultry. With the systematic use of complete feed laying quails keep productivity at a high level.

Ready-made feed for quails is simple, convenient and effective. The farmer does not need to add anything more to the ready diet.

Advantages of using complete feed GG ПК п 53к:

  • the grain fraction, in contrast to the simple grinding of cereals, significantly reduces dust pollution in the poultry house at the time of filling;
  • high bioavailability of all raw materials;
  • increase the digestibility of feed. Active supplements increase the level of absorption of substances reducing the conversion of feed. Feeding with complete feed becomes more efficient and quail farming cost-effective;
  • high content of easily available protein, minerals and vitamins for excellent taste and high quality quail eggs.

Complete feed for laying hens is a chance to increase poultry productivity and reveal the genetic potential of livestock, even for a beginner.


Ingredients: пшениця, кукурудза, продукти переробки сої, продукти переробки соняшника, вапняк, монокальцій фосфат, олія рослинна, натрію хлорид, амінокислоти, вітам.-мінер. премікс (в т.ч. мультиензимна композиція, фітаза, холін-хлорид), антиоксидант.

Shelf life of the product 6 (шість) місяців з дати виробництва в сухих, чистих, не заражених шкідниками хлібних запасів, добре провітрюваних закритих складських приміщеннях.

Products comply with TU U 15.7-30044094-001: 2010

Nutritional value (not less):
Metabolizable energyKKal2 700,00
Crude protein%17,00
Crude fat%3,90
Crude fiber%5,80
Total lysine%0,93
Total methionine%0,46
Methionine + Total cystine%0,74
Total tryptophan%0,20
Total threonine%0,69
Total phosphorus%0,64
Amount of vitamins and microelements (not less):
Vitamin АIU/kg10 000,00
Vitamin Д3IU/kg2 500,00
Vitamin Еmg/kg30,00
Vitamin В1mg/kg1,00
Vitamin В2mg/kg4,00
Vitamin В4mg/kg300,00
Vitamin В6mg/kg3,00
Vitamin В12μg/kg20,00
Vitamin К3mg/kg3,00
Pantothenic acidmg/kg8,00
Nicotine acidmg/kg30,00
Folic acidmg/kg0,50
Vitamin Нμg/kg50


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