Compound feed for lactating sows

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Compound feed GG ПК с 2 г for lactating sows

Suckling period is the most important in piglets raising. In order for the young animals to be healthy and gain weight well, it is necessary to provide the sow with a balanced diet – complete compound feedGG ПК с 2 г.

The energy and nutritional value of complete feed fully meets the needs of the sow’s body for feeding young animals throughout the suckling period. Seeing that protein (from 23 to 70 g), fat (40 – 45 g) and lactose (300 g) are eliminated out of the sow’s body daily with each liter of sow’s milk.

The use of complete feed covers the needs of proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins. The amount of protein is enough to ensure the health and milk yield of the sow, the preservation of the nest. The composition of compound feed GG ПК с 2 гfor lactating sows takes into account the physiological needs of the sow, it is recommended for use 10 days before farrowing and 30 days of suckling period.

Advantages of granular complete feed for lactating sows:

  • maintaining the sow’s milk yield at a high level;
  • prevention of constipation and other digestive disorders in sows after farrowing;
  • preservation of livestock during the weaning period. Functional supplements, plant protein and vitamins have a positive effect on the composition of milk, and hence on the state of the digestive and immune systems of young animals;
  • high digestibility of feed. Phytase together with a multi-enzyme complex guarantee high bioavailability of all components, breaking down phytate compounds, non-starch saccharides.

With compound feed GG ПК с 2 г for lactating sows, your sow will gladden you with the milk yield and high liveability of piglets after weaning.


Ingredients: wheat, corn, barley, soybean derived products, sunflower derive products, wheat bran, limestone, monocalcium phosphate, vegetable oil, sodium chloride, amino acids, vitamin miner. premix (including multienzyme composition, phytase, choline chloride), antioxidant, flavoring.

Shelf life of the product in dry, clean, uninfected with grain storage pests, well-ventilated closed warehouses is 6 (six) months from the production date..

Products comply with TU U 15.7-30044094-001: 2010

Nutritional value (not less):
Metabolizable energyKKal2 250,00
Crude protein%16,00
Crude fat%4,00
Crude fiber%5,50
Total lysine%0,85
Total methionine%0,34
Methionine + Total cystine%0,50
Total tryptophan%0,17
Total threonine%0,55
Total phosphorus%0,55
Amount of vitamins and microelements (not less):
Vitamin АIU/kg12 000,00
Vitamin D3IU/kg2 000,00
Vitamin Еmg/kg100,00
Vitamin В1mg/kg2,00
Vitamin В2mg/kg6,00
Vitamin В4mg/kg300,00
Vitamin В6mg/kg3,00
Vitamin В12μg/kg50,00
Vitamin К3mg/kg3,00
Pantothenic acidmg/kg20,00
Nicotine acidmg/kg30,00
Folic acidmg/kg3,00
Vitamin Нμg/kg300

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