Compound feed for fish growing (one-summer old fish)

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Compound feed GG ПК риб 111 г for fish farming (one-summer old fish)

Specialized compound feed for annual carp is a godsend for a farmer engaged in aquaculture. The recipe of the feed is perfectly balanced in terms of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and minerals. Particular attention is paid to the completeness of the amino acid composition due to the introduction of specialized premixes and enzyme complex. The introduction of antioxidants in the feed prolongs its shelf life, and special additives slow down the decomposition of granules in water.

Advantages of using specialized feed for fish:

  • the granules are waterproof and at the same time have an optimal rate of swelling in water. They do not settle quickly to the bottom and the fish have enough time to consume concentrated food;
  • optimal fiber balance for one-summer old fish;
  • meeting the feeding needs of carps. One-summer old fish readilly eat food, grow and develop quickly;
  • granular form reduces the rate of organic pollution of the pond.

Grow one-summer old carp fish easily and quickly using the complete feed.


Ingredients: wheat, corn, barley, soybean derived products, sunflower derived products, wheat bran, limestone, monocalcium phosphate, vegetable oil, sodium chloride, amino acids, vitamin miner. premix (including multienzyme composition, phytase, choline chloride), antioxidant.

Shelf life of the product in dry, clean, uninfected with grain storage pests, well-ventilated closed warehouses is 6 (six) months from the production date.

Products comply with TU U 15.7-30044094-001: 2010

Nutritional value (not less):
Metabolizable energy KKal 2 500,00
Crude protein % 24,00
Crude fat % 3,00
Crude fiber % 10,00
Total lysine % 1,40
Total methionine % 0,50
Methionine + Total cystine % 0,87
Total tryptophan % 0,30
Total threonine % 0,85
Calcium % 1,00
Sodium % 0,18
Total phosphorus % 0,90
Amount of vitamins and microelements (not less):
Vitamin А IU/kg 12 500,00
Vitamin D3 IU/kg 5 000,00
Vitamin Е mg/kg 80,00
Vitamin В1 mg/kg 3,00
Vitamin В2 mg/kg 8,00
Vitamin В4 mg/kg 300,00
Vitamin В6 mg/kg 4,00
Vitamin В12 μg/kg 20,00
Vitamin К3 mg/kg 3,00
Pantothenic acid mg/kg 15,00
Nicotine acid mg/kg 50,00
Folic acid mg/kg 1,50
Vitamin Н μg/kg 150
Copper mg/kg 15
Iron mg/kg 40
Manganese mg/kg 100
Selenium mg/kg 0,25
Zinc mg/kg 90


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